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Harry Potter will never truly be gone as long as there are those who remain loyal

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Cat Walk 101 with Professor Dumbledore

Hogwarts open a new class that is run by Professor Dumbledore. It is originally name “Wizardry Walk in the floor” and the other Professors all agreed with the Prefects that it’s best to be named by the students and thus it is renamed as “Cat Walk 101” as most of the students agreed that it’s much more  formal than the original name. Originally the class only offers Cat Walk lessons from Professor Dumbledore. Later a lot was added that includes

  • How to Walk in Style
  • Fashion tips
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • What the modern wizards and witches wears
  • Different Kinds of Walk
  • How to dress like Dumbledore

So anyone interested in attending this class, Please sign up in the bulletin board near the Great Hall.


The class also offers the other guest students that came to Hogwarts because of the Triwizard Tournament to attend the club temporary.

Also any suggestion or any concern regarding this class, you can write it to us or you may go personally to Professor Dumbledore.

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Sex Education 101 with Professor McGonagall

Today is the annual lesson to the young wizards and witches about proper sex and today we got a permission to sit in, in both classes. The classes are teach by Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall. These classes occupies a whole day. The class covers some tips, rules and explanation of different kind of sex and the Do’s and Don’ts.

The class is embarrassing for all of us and I can see that a lot of  our fellow students are bright red and some are a little green. I can understand most of them especially the students listening to the chosen teachers who is selected to teach today. Imagine, you’re respected teacher or even your parental figure giving you this lessons.  There’s also some that are quite outrage by some rules that was laid down by both Professors to lessen the future accidents.

A little info:

“Do’s and Don’ts in Sex” or as the muggleborns called it “Sex Education 101” was proposed by the pureblood named Kristopher Lovelock in 1901 in fear of underage sex. He feared for an accidental parenting of his heir without marriage and it is also echo by all of the parents of the Hogwarts students. He also feared that because of it, his heir will have no future. So he proposed it to the Minister for Magic and the Headmaster of Hogwarts at the time. The class is approved in 1902 and it became tradition for second years and above to once a year attend this class.

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