I just want to say first that everything (or almost) here in this blog is ‘not real’ or ‘fictional’. 

  • This Blog is completely ‘unreal/imaginary/fictional’.
  • This is a Role Play Blog.
  • This Blog is created for entertainment/enjoyment purpose only.
  • The pictures do not belong to me unless I specifically told otherwise in yellow text.
  • The pictures are copied from Tumblr, DeviantArt or other sites.
  • If one of the pictures are yours please tell me if you want me to remove it or get credit to it because I kind of forgot who to credit it for. 😛 I just copied and copied all the pictures that I like. hehe
  • Etc…

You can find:

  • music/funny videos from Youtube or other sites
  • Pictures (be it fashion, funny, .gifs, etc)
  • sometimes Lyrics of songs
  • RP post
  • Links to good fan fiction stories, websites, etc.
  • Quotes (Harry Potter, funny, etc.)
  • Food recipes
█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌ ║
. P r o j e c t W e i r d n e s s .
© 100% an extra-ordinary idea from ME
[Will update this if there’s something I miss to add.]

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